Leading Bad Bob Menendez donor goes to jail for using straw donations and funneling money to Bad Bob Menendez; the Senator claims to wrongdoing

FBI begins investigation of Bad Bob Menendez and Melgen

Allegations about Bad Bob Menendez soliciting prostitutes in Dominican Republic surface

Felon Salomon Melgen donates $103,500 to various NJ state Races

Melgen’s Patient blinding Company donates $300,000 to majority PAC earmarked for Bad Bob Menendez

In a Foreign Relations Committee Hearing Bad Bob Menendez questions State Department official regarding contract issue with American Company providing screening at Dominican Republic ports

Bad Bob Menendez meets with the Acting Director of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Melgen’s behalf

Melgen’s company donates $300,000 to Majority PAC earmarked for Bad Bob Menendez

Melgen, his Wife and Daughter donate $40,000 to Bad Bob Menendez

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